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Air Force Vs. New Mexico: Connor Dietz Keeps Air Force Offense Humming Along

Air Force quarterback Tim Jefferson has been out since late in the second quarter and backup Connor Dietz has been keeping the Falcon offense moving as usual. Dietz lead the Falcons on his second touchdown drive of the game in the third quarter to extend the Falcon lead over New Mexico 28-7. New Mexico has since gone on to kick a field goal to make it  28-10.

Dietz has been passing the ball more then Jefferson and is five-for-seven with 67 yards and a score and while he does not have the rushing numbers he is able to run the offense and will pitch the ball instead of running. Even though, Dietz has a slightly different style running the Falcon offense he is just as productive.

The way Dietz is running the offense and that the Falcons have a large enough lead it seems that Jefferson will not be re-entering the game.