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SB Nation Assessment Of Air Force

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Holly Anderson at offers her take on Air Force, who is lurking outside of the Coaches’ poll:

Air Force

Where They’re At: 4-1, No. 25 in the AP poll but 17 votes behind Texas in the Coaches’.
What Went Wrong: Does “playing in the Mountain West” count as a misstep? The Falcons took No. 7 Oklahoma to the wire but lost 27-24 in Norman. Last week’s game with Navy was a depressing 14-6 slothfest.
What’s Next: Frankly, some teams ahead of them are going to have to screw up. Mid-majors have to justify their existence, week in and week out, to an exacting degree that other programs wouldn’t dream of sweating. Late-October date with TCU and Utah in back-to-back weeks could strengthen their case.

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