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College Football Rankings, Week 10: BCS Standings Week 3 - TCU Moves To No. 3, Oregon To No. 1

The latest BCS standings received a bit of a shake-up this week with Auburn dropping from No. 1 to No. 2. The 8-0 Oregon Ducks moved up to No. 1 after defeating the USC Trojans, 53-32. Outside of the top two, the rest of the top five changed positions. The TCU Horned Frogs jumped past Boise State to be the BCS No. 3, and Utah checked in behind Boise State at No. 5, moving up from eighth last week.

Oklahoma, Air Force’s other loss this season to a BCS-ranked team, moved up one spot to No. 8 this week.

Huge credit should go to the Air Force Falcons for playing such a tough schedule this season. While they didn’t win any of those three games against BCS-ranked teams, the Falcons were at least competitive in two of them (Oklahoma, Utah). However, that may be of little comfort to the team since they almost certainly believe they should have won the contests.