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BCS Standings, Week 2: Auburn Moves To No. 1, Oregon Stays Put At No. 2

With last week's BCS no. 1 Oklahoma falling to the Missouri Tigers on Saturday night, a new team moved up to the first slot in the BCS Standings. It wasn't Oregon. Rather, it was Auburn, who was BCS no. 4 last week. Cam Newton led the Tigers to a 24-17 victory over previously undefeated LSU (BCS no. 12 this week). Oregon, despite a 60-13 drubbing of UCLA on Thursday, stayed put as the BCS no. 2. The Ducks are no. 1 in the AP, Coaches, and Harris Polls. Boise State also retained the no. 3 spot, while Michigan State moved up from no. 7 to no. 5.

Air Force has a trio of BCS-ranked opponents on its schedule. TCU moved up one spot to BCS no. 4 after defeating Air Force on Saturday. Air Force will play BCS no. 8 Utah this weekend. The Utes are 7-0. Oklahoma dropped from no. 1 to no. 9 this week, but that shouldn't diminish Air Force's close loss to the Sooners.