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NFL Mock Draft 2013: How does Denver replace Dumervil?

One thing we know for sure is that the Broncos won't be faxing in their draft pick. But who will they not fax into the podium?

Sarah Glenn

The Denver Broncos apparently made a mistake and that boo-boo cost them Elvis Dumervil. A team that is considered to be one of the heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl next season, Denver is currently without one of its heavyweight pass-rushers and that is now something they will have to address. Not that the Internet will let them forget it.

If there is one thing I know about the interwebs, It's that they won't let you forget things. If there's two things that I know about the interwebs, It's that they won't let you forget things, and email is 1,000 times better than faxing.

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If the Broncos are unable to find a suitable replacement for Dumervil in free agency (including Dumervil himself as of this posting, who is still available), then the next place to look will be the draft. Could a defensive end prospect find himself lucky enough to land with the Broncos and compete for Dumervil's spot on a Super Bowl contender? Which player could that be?

Rob Rang of CBS Sports currently projects Damontre Moore of Texas A&M as the guy who could be the lucky one:

While the Broncos deserve a great deal of credit for an impressive haul of free agents, the slip-up which caused Elvis Dumervil to become an unrestricted free agent could come back to haunt them. Therefore, adding another pass-rusher to counter Von Miller is important. Moore, who took over Miller's position with the Aggies, has the talent and production to be drafted higher, but is slipping after a poor showing at the combine and his Pro Day.

Moore would be able to team with Miller and give the Broncos a younger pass-rusher to build toward the future, but also possibly help out in the interim. And that's a fax, Jack.

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