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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Hyundai produces a unique car commercial

It's hard to create a car commercial that hasn't already been done, but Hyundai attempted to do something new with their 2013 Super Bowl commercial.

Christian Petersen

While the concept may not be original, Hyundai's 2013 Super Bowl ad puts a unique spin on the traditional car commercial format.

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Watching a car drive around to display the array of features while music plays in the background has been done time and time again. Hyundai's commercial features both a car driving around and music playing, but in a way you may not expect. The ad starts in a family's kitchen, then the band the Flaming Lips appear to start playing music. Before you know it, the family is in the new seven-passenger Hyundai Santa Fe while the Flaming Lips are now on the roof of the house.

Some nifty driving gets the family out of a few precarious situations as they enjoy a day with more activity than any one person should have to endure.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | "Epic Playdate" (Extended) (via HyundaiUSA)

It's tough to say whether or not this commercial will be a hit, but you can't say it's not unique. How many other commercials will have tour buses which blow out confetti?