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Pedal The Plains 2012: Stage 3 Preview

The third and final day of the Pedal The Plains tour begins Sunday, with riders facing their longest riding day of the event. Riders will cover 83 miles from Burlington to Yuma, with 833 feet of elevation gain. Although not as much elevation gain as Stage Two's 1,483 feet, the added distance and fatigue from the previous two days of riding should challenge riders.

This is the first annual Pedal The Plains tour, designed as a less competitive tour that can be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels. Riders seeking a more ambitious final stage can take an alternate route which extends the stage to an even 100 miles.

The Pedal The Plains tour is designed as an educational tour highlighting Colorado's agricultural history. Each stage includes optional detours to educational sites as riders cross Colorado's eastern plains.

Complete details of the celebration of Colorado's cycling culture, including maps and profiles of the route, can be found on the official 2012 Pedal The Plains website.

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