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Pedal The Plains 2012: Stage 1 Yuma To Wray Route Mostly Downhill

Stage 1 of the inaugural Pedal The Plains event begins on Friday, running 28 miles from Yuma to Wray. The stage runs downhill as it crosses through Colorado's agricultural plains, making a course that shouldn't be a strain for the riders. It's a decline of 630 feet over the route, but never at more than a three percent slope.

The stage should make for a comfortable tune-up for the field. The following days come in at 61 and 83 miles, and they also include some climbing. None of the climbing is particularly severe, but it will present a difference from the opening day.

Complete details of the celebration of Colorado's cycling culture, including maps and profiles of the route, can be found on the official 2012 Pedal The Plains website.

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