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Utah Fans Nearly Cost Them The Game, BYU Holder Celebrates Too Early

In the 24-21 victory for the Utah Utes over their hated rival BYU Cougars, it was the Utah fans who were oh so close to allowing BYU to tie the game and send it into overtime. After one second was placed back on the clock, BYU lined up to kick a 51-yard field goal which was blocked and at that time there were players and fans who rushed the field.

However, BYU wide receiver J.D. Falslev picked up the ball and tried to make a play, but at the other end of the field the Utes bench, as well as the fans who were already on the sideline for rushing the field on the incomplete pass on the play prior, forced the refs to throw a flag.

The penalty was a live-ball foul for unsportsman like conduct and allowed BYU to take a manageable 36-yard field goal, but it was missed.

Here is the view of everyone rushing the field after the blocked field goal.


Via @BubbaProg

Not to be outdone, Faslev who is the holder raised his hands as if the field goal was good, but then realized the field goal was no good.


Via @BubbaProg

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