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New Mexico State Football Announces Independent Status For 2013

New Mexico State football will officially be without a conference home in 2013, after team officials announced Wednesday that the Aggies will be an independent program in an open letter to their fans.

New Mexico State will be joining Idaho, Norte Dame, BYU, Army and Navy as the sixth FBS independent school. Here's what athletic director Dr. McKinley Boston had to say on the subject in Wednesday's open letter:

"NMSU is committed to continuing at the Division I level and we are committed to our football program...Our focus is to win WAC championships and to be the best mid-major program we can be. Looking ahead, we are planning to play as an independent football program in 2013."

Boston shared that the Aggies' new schedule would be available sometime in October. The university is also expected to stay a member of the WAC for every sport other than football.

Additionally, the bluntly-honest letter claims that Boston and the university spoke to representatives from the Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Big Sky about joining their conferences, all unsuccessfully.

With 160 conference moves from teams over the last few years, it's surprising that a program like the Aggies were unable to find a home. Nonetheless, they're trying to power through what is undoubtedly a difficult situation with no desire to fall back into the FCS.

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