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Broncos Vs. Bears Update: Peyton Manning Throws Interception During 1st Drive

On his first drive in a Denver Broncos uniform, Peyton Manning was close to lead his team to a scoring drive, but on a potential touchdown pass he threw an interception on a tip that Major Wright caught and landed at the four-yard line.As you can see below, Brandon Stokley really should have caught that pass, but the tip made it tricky do so. It wasn't Peyton's best throw, but Broncos fans have seen worse in recent seasons:


The rainy weather condition has made it hard for Manning to get tight, crisp throws out, but he was able to complete 4-of-7 throws for 44 yards. His first throw was an incomplete pass to tight end Jacob Tamme, but the two connected later after Geno Hayes tipped the ball into Tamme's hands.

Manning found Eric Decker for two catches and 29 yards, one going for 19 yards. On the 19-yarder, Manning had plenty of time to search the field and found Decker coming across the middle for the catch.

Running back Willis McGahee ran four times for 16 yards, including an 11-yard run for a first down.

The Bears, without Jay Cutler will now look to put points on the board.

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