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2012 PGA Championship: Length, Weather Could Affect Play On Kiawah Island

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Players heading to Kiawah Island should be expecting some major challenges from both the course and the weather this weekend, as Steve DiMeglio of USA Today writes. Between strong winds, a forecast of possible thunderstorms and the longest course in major championship history, this could be the most difficult PGA Championship in years:

Length will create plenty of stress. The course, which can tip out at 7,967 yards but is expected to play 7,676, still the longest in major championship history, is drenched following numerous soakings the past three days. Forced carries over hazards, deep greenside bunkers, broad sweeps of sandy wasteland and severe putting surfaces add to the anxiety.

As DiMeglio notes, the 94th edition of the PGA Championship features the most difficult course of any major championship in the past ten years according to the United States Golf Association's Course Rating, which attempts to estimate the score of a scratch golfer on any given course. With rain possibly on the rain, the 156-player field should be in for quite the challenge.

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