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Broncos Training Camp: Brock Osweiler Unconcerned By Depth Chart

Despite being drafted in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, QB Brock Osweiler was listed at No. 3 on the Denver Broncos' first depth chart. In front of his are Peyton Manning and free agent signing Caleb Hanie, but Osweiler says that he is not concerned with where he is on the depth chart.

"I think it's pretty obvious who our starting quarterback is. When that's the situation, I don't think you can really get caught up too much in, 'Am I second? Am I third? Am I fourth?'"

(via The Denver Post)

More than most NFL teams this year, the Broncos' quarterback depth is very important. Peyton Manning is seemingly fully recovered from the neck injury that kept him out of the 2011 season, but his potential fragility will be a concern early in the season.

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