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2012 London Olympics Results: Jessica Rossi Sets Records In Gold Medal Victory

Italy's Jessica Rossi set a world record in women's trap shooting when she hit all 75 of her qualifying shots and then made 24-of-25 shots in the final, scoring a 99 out of 100 for the gold medal. There was a three-way tie for the silver and bronze medals that required a shootoff. Slovakia's Zuzana Stefecekova defeated France's Delphine Reau and San Marino's Alessandra Perilli. Reau

The United States had two competitors in this event, but neither Kim Rhode nor Corey Cogdell was able to advance out of the qualifiers. Rhode and Cogdell both scored a 68. Cogdell is the girlfriend of Denver Broncos defensive tackle Mitch Unrein.

China leads the United States in total medal count, 48-46, but the U.S. has a 23-22 advantage in gold medals at the moment.

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