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Northern Colorado Vs. Utah: Defensive First Quarter Leaves Score At 0-0

The offense has been fairly stifled so far in the first NCAA game of the season for the Northern Colorado Bears and the Utah Utes. With the first quarter in the books, neither team has managed to put anything on the board and the score is tied up at 0-0.

Despite missing Brian Blechen, the Utes' defense stifled just about everything that the Bears tried to throw at them. Meanwhile the Utes have leaned heavily on their running game but Johnny White hasn't done a great deal on the ground. Currently at the end of the first quarter, the Utes are having their best series of the game with a drive that has landed them on UNC's 35 going into the second quarter.

If Utah gets on the board, their stifling defense will make it hard for the Bears to get back in at the rate the game has gone so far.

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