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Idaho's Robb Akey Issues Apology For Red-headed Stepchild Joke. Seriously.

Idaho Vandals football is going through some tough times. The program is nowhere near the level of in-state rival Boise State and now it is heading to independent status starting in 2013 since the Western Athletic Conference is abandoning football for the time being. No conference wants the team.

Head coach Robb Akey, who is trying to improve a team that went 2-10 in 2011 and has just one winning season in his five years at the helm (8-5 in 2009 with a Humanitarian Bowl victory), said in an Associated Press article from last week:

"We are the unwanted red-headed stepchild, no offense to any redheads," Akey said. "Nobody seems to want the Vandals right now."

"I promise you that's got a chip on my shoulder," Akey said.

Apparently that joke didn't sit well with some individuals. On Monday night, Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman tweeted the apology Akey issued for the joke:

Lighten up, people. Having to issue apologies like this is why the red-headed stepchild is unwanted, right?