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Pac-12 Network: A Deal With DirecTV Is Not 'Imminent'

The reports about DirecTV and the Pac-12 Network have varied across the board from saying a deal is not close, to a deal could be done by Wednesday of this week, the network would be on a subscription-based channel and now back to where the story started by saying a deal may not be close.

Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson offered an actual update about DirecTV:

"I wouldn't characterize it as close or imminent," Stevenson said, otherwise holding to his previous take that the content is appealing on the Networks, and "when fans want to have (good) content in today's television world, they get it."

That is not what Pac-12 fans want to hear as the network has been live for almost two weeks, and with the first football game coming up between the Utah Utes and Northern Colorado Bears on Thursday night people who want the channel are getting nervous.

This also could just be a ploy to get fans to keep the pressure on by calling DirecTV or going to I Want my Pac-12 Networks, and sending an email to request the channel (not that it really works).

With the many, many conflicting reports on DirecTV and the Pac-12 Networks it is still a mystery as to when, or what channels, DirecTV subscribers will be getting.

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