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Ex-Montana QB Jordan Johnson's Attorney Requests Records From State

After ex-Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson pleaded not guilty to rape charges earlier in August, a lull occurred in the case as they waited for the court date, which took place on Tuesday. Now, his attorney has requested a large number of records from the alleged rape victim. As reported by The Missoulian, the information being requested by attorney David Paoli includes police records, and a large number of text messages sent between the victim and any witnesses.

Paoli also said that he would request the charges on Johnson to be dropped if all of the information was not received:

"Not only is the state jeopardizing Johnson’s defense by failing to produce discovery, but the state is jeopardizing this court’s deadlines," Paoli wrote. "…Further, if the state does not immediately produce all discovery materials, Johnson requests that the charges against him be dismissed based on the disadvantage that has been created by the state’s failure to produce the requested discovery."

Johnson had been charged with an alleged incident of rape after being asked to come into a woman's room to watch a movie.

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