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Davis Burl Out To Make Impact As LB In Colorado State 3-4 Defense

Colorado State will be working out of a 3-4 defense, and they're hoping that senior linebacker Davis Burl can be a big name player in it. Burl has moved around a fair amount since he joined the Rams, putting together starts at just about every defensive position -- he has been solidified as a linebacker in his senior year.

His statistics last season as a defensive end were impressive enough, putting together 14 tackles and forcing two fumbles. Now that he's at linebacker, he'll get to use his speed as much more of an asset. His speed is one of the top things he has going for him, and it should help him make an impact on the defensive unit:

"I believe it definitely fits my personality and my physical abilities to run around," Burl said. "I don't really have to mess with too many linemen with my little size, so that's not too bad.

"I get to use my speed a lot more than at defensive end. I get to run around, get to cover one-on-one a little bit. I definitely get to open up my speed."

Playing in a 3-4, the Rams will need guys who can rush the passer efficiently at the OLB position -- in that regard, Burl may be one of the most important guys in the squad going into 2012, at least on the defensive side of the ball.

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