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Colorado State Football 2012: Dominique Vinson Out To Make Mark As WR

After playing defensive back for most of his collegiate career, Dominique Vinson is hoping to use his speed to his and the Rams' advantage this season as he converts to wide receiver.

The 6-foot, 175-pound senior told The Coloradoan he will use his instincts as a defensive back to read defenses from the other side of the ball.

"I’ll look at the ‘D’ when I line up, and I can sort of tell what they’re in," Vinson said after a recent practice. "So, as I’m running down the field, I don’t have to keep looking at how they’re going to drop, because I know ahead of time. … It’s like I know where they’re going, so I know the route I’m running for sure."

Vinson's first attempt at converting to offense was during last year's fall camp, but then-coach Steve Fairchild moved him back to DB right before the season opener. New coach Jim McElwain is giving Vinson another shot at the skill position. McElwain's offensive knowledge helped Alabama to two national titles in three years, which certainly bodes well for Vinson's transition.

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