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Jordan Webb Named Colorado Buffaloes Starting Quarterback

Jordan Webb has been named the Colorado Buffaloes starting quarterback for the 2012 season. Head coach Jon Embree made the announcement before the start of Wednesday's practice. It had been speculated earlier in the month that the team would opt to go with a quarterback rotation for the first couple of games, but Embree apparently didn't want to go that route.

Quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer said (via

"Obviously, the experience shows, the poise shows," added CU quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer. "He was able to transfer terminology. Concepts are concepts, but he was able to transfer the terminology relatively quickly. There's still a learning curve for him, but he really progressed quicker than I thought he would."

Embree had cryptically tweeted some clues to this announcement before the day's practice:

The answer to both questions is, of course, Kansas. Webb, a graduate student transferred to Colorado from the Kansas Jayhawks and officially joined the team in July. He has the most experience out of the trio if quarterbacks that included Connor Wood, a transfer from the Texas Longhorns, and Nick Hirschman, who has played sparingly for the Buffs.

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