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Kisima Jagne Cleared By NCAA Clearinghouse, Must Still Grayshirt For Colorado Football

Kisima Jagne, a top defensive end signee for the Colorado Buffaloes' Class of 2012, received good news Tuesday, as he was approved to be academically eligible by the NCAA Clearinghouse. The news, which was reported by's Adam Munsterteige, was a bit bittersweet because Jagne will still need to be considered a "grayshirt" and will not be able to enroll at the school until Jan.

The reason for the grayshirt, says Munsterteige, is because the team already has reached its limit of 25 "initials".

At the beginning of Colorado's training camp, Jagne along with four other players were named given the grayshirts title, as they were waiting to become eligible by the NCAA.

Jagen, a 6-foot-5, 235 pound prospect from Chandler, Ariz., was considered the Buffaloes top signee for the Class of '12 as he was ranked sixth in the state of Arizona at his position.

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