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Denver Broncos Injury Update: Quinton Carter, Ty Warren Miss Practice

The Broncos had three players return to practice today after a day off on Sunday.

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With the Denver Broncos gearing up for the first home game with Peyton Manning under center, the team returned to the practice field at training camp after a day off and had three injured players return to practice. Justin Bannan, Chris Gronkowski and DJ Williams all returned for the Broncos, cutting the number of injured players missing practice nearly in two.

Ty Warren, who missed the entire 2011-12 season with a triceps injury, did not practice today for undisclosed reasons. Warren has yet to play a snap of football for the Broncos, who was injured early in camp last year.

Quiton Carter continues to sit out and watch practice with his knee injury, while Danny Travathan (ankle) and Tyler Grisham (knee) both missed practice as well. The Broncos walked away from their first preseason game relatively unscathed and continue to work through training camp without serious injury issues, with only Carter being the most notable name on the injury list.

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