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Colorado State Football Stadium Debate Continues

Debate continues in Fort Collins, Colorado, as school officials continue to wrestle with the idea of building a new football stadium located on the campus of Colorado State University to replace Hughes Stadium.

According to the Denver Post, proponents for the new stadium make a slew of arguments, ranging from competitive to financial. A new stadium, in the eyes of the supporters, would "re-engage" alumni, as well as bolster recruiting, and introduce fans to the campus and/or downtown Fort Collins -- which, according to supports, the current Hughes Stadium does not do.

The opposition has been quite vocal, though. Those who oppose the new stadium believe that a new stadium on the campus would be "disruptive" to the campus, and that it contradicts the environmental message that CSU has embraced. The opposition also believes that Hughes Stadium can still be renovated and is not entirely obsolete, rendering a new stadium built on campus unnecessary.

Money is at the heart of the debate as well, as the opposition argues that the school is "unrealistic" about the total cost, severely underestimating the debt the school would incur as well as overestimating the amount of private funding the school would receive.

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