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Olympics Closing Ceremony: TV Coverage, Streaming, Live Updates And More

After two weeks of hearing viewers complain about its broadcast of the London Olympics, NBC has decided to live-stream the Closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon for American viewers. Beginning at 4 p.m. ET, NBC will have live coverage of the event from London over at its official website, for those that are interested.

The decision presumably comes after a major backlash from viewers that were unable to watch the Opening Ceremony live from London. NBC opted to broadcast that event on tape-delay without any sort of live-streaming option, much to the ire of viewers across the nation.

Now, viewers won't be put in such an unfortunate situation, as they can simply mosey on over to NBC's website to get the live feed. Those that prefer to watch the event on television still have that option, though, as NBC will be broadcasting the ceremony on tape-delay across each time zone if you want to catch the star-studded event that way.

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