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Colorado Buffaloes Could Start Season With QB Rotation

Connor Wood, Nick Hirschman and Jordan Webb are in a three-way battle to become the next Colorado Buffaloes starting quarterback, but that fight could last all the way into the third week of the season, reports Buffzone's Kyle Ringo. Quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer will make it a two-man competition within the next week and hope for one of the remaining candidates to separate himself and take the job before the team plays Colorado State on Sept. 1

As Scherer said (via Buffzone):

"We don't treat it like preseason, but to let it play itself out a week or so into the season, we may have to do that," Scherer said. "The one thing I think we don't want to do is say, 'We're going to have a starter by this date.' Because you may not make the right decision or the best decision."

Neither Colorado State nor Sacramento State (though the latter beat Oregon St. in 2011) is an accurate test of what the Buffs will face as the Pac-12 season begins, but it will certainly be a good early test for the two quarterbacks who are part of the rotation.

Wood is a transfer from Texas and sat out the 2011 season under NCAA rules. He has had a year to get the play book down, but he hasn't played in a game yet for the Buffaloes. Hirschman had limited playing time in the 2011 season and fought Tyler Hansen for the job last season. He missed out on a chance of securing the job in spring practice due to foot surgery. Webb played 19 games for the Kansas Jayhawks before graduating over the summer and transferring to Boulder in July.

Scherer went on to say this about Webb:

"So he brings a kind of experience, you can see it here on the practice field with the way he handles himself. When all hell breaks loose, he kind of steps up, adjusts in the pocket, stays real calm. Everything is going crazy around him and he's been there, done that."

Is Scherer tipping his cap as to whom he wants to step up and take the job? We'll find out soon, but maybe not soon enough.

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