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London Olympics 2012 Medal Count: Team USA, China Battle For Top Spot

The United States and China continue to dominate the Olympic medal count, as both nations added to their respective totals on Tuesday. The two nations that came into the day tied at the top of the standings remain so -- both countries are up to 23 medals. China has a decisive edge in gold medals with 13; the United States is second with nine.

This is the current top 10 in the medal count:

T1. China (23 total medals)
T1. United States (23; nine gold, eight silver, six bronze)
3. Japan (13)
4. France (11)
T5. South Korea (8)
T5. Italy (8)
T5. Russia (8)
T8. Germany (6)
T8. Australia (6)
10. Romania (5)

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SB Nation Studios has released another video on the medal count, which you can watch below.

For more, stay tuned to SB Nation Denver and check out SB Nation's 2012 Summer Olympics hub. Stay up to date on the medal count with Sports Illustrated's tracker.