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KOA Broadcast Team For Broncos Games Will Include Ed McCaffrey In 2012

Ed McCaffrey didn't spend his entire career with the Denver Broncos, but he spent the best chunk of it. With Denver, he put together three straight 1,000 yard seasons and helped John Elway's crew to two straight Super Bowls.


For all of that, McCaffrey has always been considered a fan favorite around the Mile High City, still producing products -- Horseradish sauce! -- and appearing in commercials even after his retirement in 2004. He'll be getting even more exposure to the newer generation of Broncos fans starting in 2012, as it was announced on Tuesday that McCaffrey will be joining KOA's Broncos game broadcasts as a color commentary man.


Paired up with Dave Logan, McCaffrey will be taking over the spot that was held by former Broncos quarterback Brian Griese had held for the previous two seasons. Griese reportedly left the post because he was offered more work as a college football analyst for ESPN.