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2012 Olympics Medal Count: U.S. Sits In 2nd With 11 Medals

Given the performances put in by the United States and China during the 2008 Summer Games, it's not surprising that they're the first two countries to break double digits in the medal count in London. The Chinese lead the way with 12 medals, while the Americans are in second with 11. Italy, South Korea and Japan round out the top five.

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Here is the current top 12:

1. China (12)
2. United States (11)
3. Italy (7)
T4. South Korea (5)
T4. Japan (5)
T6. France (4)
T6. Russia (4)
T8. North Korea (3)
T8. Australia (3)
T8. Brazil (3)
T8. Hungary (3)

Thirty nations have won at least one medal in London.

Medals will be up for grabs in several events on Monday, including swimming, weightlifting, judo, fencing and gymnastics.

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