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Idaho, New Mexico State Likely To Pursue Independence, Says WAC Commissioner

It was Western Athletic Conference Media Day on Thursday for the football schools, but it might be some time until another one happens. In 2013, the WAC will have just two football schools -- Idaho and New Mexico State -- in the conference due to the recent round of realignment. As a result, Commissioner Jeff Hurd has admitted to a reality we've seen for a while already (via the Idaho Statesman):

"The bottom line, as we sit here today, is I don't believe personally that FBS football is feasible as a conference for 2013," said Jeff Hurd, a longtime conference official who was promoted to interim commissioner in March.

In order to sponsor football the conference would need to find six more schools, either at the FBS or FCS level, to join the conference. That isn't happening any time soon. As a result, Hurd said, Idaho and New Mexico State will likely need to be independents at the FBS level in 2013.

Idaho is reportedly in discussion to move its non-football sports to the Big Sky Conference after earlier speculation had the football program dropping down to the FCS level. Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson announced during Mountain West Media Days that the conference was not looking to expand beyond 10 football members, effectively shutting out both Idaho and New Mexico State.

It's a tough road ahead for both schools.

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