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Pac-12 Network Will Release First Slate Of Football Games Within A Few Weeks

The Pac-12 Network is set to launch on Aug. 15 and the network is planning to release the first month of football games within a few weeks.

The league will first have a draf' between ESPN, Fox and the Pac-12 network to determine who gets what football games.

This draft is expected to be held this upcoming week and then a football schedule for the first month will be released:

"As early as next week we could be announcing the first three or four weeks of our football schedule," Scott said. "I think the quality and quantity of what we have on our network will be pretty apparent."

"Everything after that will probably be a 12- or six-day pick," deputy commissioner Kevin Weiberg added.

The league has held back 35 football games to help put pressure on cable and satellite providers to carry the channel, plus with high quality content it will attract viewers to the new network.

Currently Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and Brighthouse cable are the only providers who have signed on to carry the Pac-12 Network. Over at SB Nation's Pac-12 centric blog Pacific Takes the site has information on how to contact your provider requesting the network.