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2012 U.S. Swimming Team Trials: Missy Franklin Qualifies For 200m Freestyle In London

Add a second event at the 2012 London Olympics that Colorado's own Missy Franklin will compete in this summer. On Thursday night, Franklin finished in second place for the 200 meter freestyle. She finished the race in 1:56.79, second only to race winner Allison Schmitt and her U.S. record 1:54.40 time.

Dana Vollmer, Lauren Perdue, Shannon Vreeland, Alyssa Anderson, Megan Romano and Chelsea Chenault finished out the race in third through eighth place.

On Wednesday evening, Franklin qualified for her first event, the 100 meter backstroke, when she set a new American record at 58.85 seconds. She still has three more events in which to compete: 100 meter freestyle, the 200 meter backstroke and the 50 meter freestyle. The preliminaries take place over each of the next three days; if she eventually goes on to win in the finals, Franklin is looking at competing in five events in London.

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