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Denver Olympic Committee Suggests Colorado Pursue 2022 Winter Olympics

The Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee has recommended that the state of Colorado pursue a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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The state of Colorado should pursue a bid to host for the 2022 Winter Olympics when the International Olympic Committee begins consideration, according to a committee of local leaders tasked with determining the possible implications of having the Olympics played in state.

Andy Vuong of the Denver Post has quotes from Anne Warhover, co-chair of the 22-member Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee:

Through a diligent, objective process, we have found that there are compelling reasons for the City of Denver and State of Colorado to move forward with an Olympic Bid.

The committee reportedly estimates that a bid would cost between $27.8 million and $45 million. That's obviously a pretty large sum of money, but Warhover believes that private donors will be able to provide enough capital to prevent any public funds from being used.

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