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2012 U.S. Swimming Team Trials: Missy Franklin Qualifies For 200m Freestyle Finals

Missy Franklin is on her way to the 200 meter freestyle finals on Thursday night after finishing second in her heat during the semifinals on Wednesday night. After posting a 1:58.62 in the prelims, Franklin finished the semis with a time of 1:58.04, behind only Allison Schmitt's 1:55.59 on Heat 2. Overall, Schmitt had the top time in the semis while Franklin came in fifth. A total of eight swimmers have made it to the finals on Thursday.

Fifteen minutes later, Franklin was back in the pool for the 100 meter backstroke, which she won with a 58.85 time, a new American record.

Franklin might have an uphill battle against Allison Schmitt in the finals on Thursday night, but she will have three other chances to make the Olympics again when she competes in the 100 meter freestyle, the 200 meter backstroke and the 50 meter freestyle beginning on Friday.

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