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VIDEO: Pac-12 Network Releases Teaser Trailer

The Pac-12 Networks is set to launch in a little over two months on Aug. 15, and they have decided to release a teaser trailer about the network. In typical Pac-12 fashion they did a great job with their trailer of the network to get everyone excited.

While there are still negotiations going on to get the network more available -- particularly on satellite carriers -- this new set of networks is going to change how much fans can watch their favorite Pac-12 team.

The video mentions TV Everywhere and the Pac-12 just teamed up with Ooyala to create apps and on-demand viewing:

Ooyala is currently developing custom TV apps for the PAC-12 that will deliver live and on-demand sporting events to connected viewers around the world, no matter which Pac-12 team they follow. These iOS and Android experiences will enable social sharing and commenting, with integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds featured right next to premium, broadcast-quality video. Connected viewers will also have access to stats, scores, press conferences and documentaries that enhance traditional TV programming.