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Big Sky Commissioner Doug Fullerton So Very Much Wants The Idaho Vandals

With the Idaho Vandals left out in the current realignment at the FBS level, Big Sky Commissioner Doug Fullerton would be interested in picking up the school for his conference, an option Idaho is considering. As reported by the Idaho Statesman:

"I'm really impressed with the University of Idaho, the athletic director and the president. They are doing what they need to do and looking at the options that are available," Fullerton told the Idaho Statesman on Monday morning.


"Playing at the top of the FCS is a better situation than playing at the bottom of the FBS," Fullerton said, adding that it is nearly impossible for schools with budgets near $20 million to compete with schools like Texas and its $140 million athletic department budget.

It might be some time until someone speaks that glowingly about Idaho. Or maybe never. Still, Fullerton's argument that it is better to compete at the FCS level is compelling. However, it's not as though Idaho has ever had a history of piecing together winning seasons over several seasons.

Fullerton's comments about his interest in Idaho should come as no surprise. Back in January, Fullerton said that in a few years his conference, the Pac-12 and the Mountain West would be the only football-playing conferences in the West. The WAC, where Idaho currently is positioned, is dying these days, y'know.