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Colorado Marathon 2012: Cooler Temperatures Expected On Sunday

With the Colorado Marathon less than 24 hours from kicking off, it looks like the weather in Fort Collins should hold up perfectly for the upcoming race. While the temperature has soared all the way up to 82 degrees on Saturday, the runners should be facing a much more temperate climate when the race kicks off at 6:15 a.m. on Sunday.

According to the projected forecast, the race should have excellent weather, with a high of just 65 degrees. After sunny weather throughout the day, there is a projection of some rain clouds coming in late in the afternoon, leading to some rain at night. If the rain can stay away throughout the day, the incoming clouds and cooler weather should make for a comfortable race for all participants.

For updates on results, stay tuned to SB Nation Denver. For more information about the event this weekend, visit the Colorado Marathon's official website.