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Montana Football 2012: Dismissal Of Jim O'Day And Robin Pflugrad Could Cost University $150,000 Or More

The University of Montana dismissed head football coach Robin Pflugrad and athletic director Jim O'Day earlier in the week, and while officials have refused to discuss the the reasons for the move, they still need to compensate both men because neither was technically fired. Both Pflugrad and O'Day were relieved of their duties, but each has money due under their current contract. According to Chelsi Moy of the Missoulian, Montana owes O'Day $31,056 for his three remaining months, and owes Pflugrad $116,250 for the nine months on his deal. Here are some additional details on the contracts from Moy:

Pflugrad's contract is more straightforward than O'Day's. Pflugrad's contract automatically expires unless extended prior to Dec. 31.

However, according to O'Day's contract, he is entitled to five months' written notice prior to UM not renewing his contract.

It's probable that UM didn't provide that much notice.

...Either UM could pay O'Day for the remaining three months he's owed under his contract. Or O'Day could request payment for five months from the time that he was released from his duties, which was last Thursday. Or, because the contract is an annual one, his attorney could argue that O'Day is entitled to another full year of salary, which is $124,225.

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