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SB Nation Honors The 2012 Winter X Games With An Animated GIF Of Colten Moore

The 2012 Winter X Games have ended, but some memories will live on forever. Sure, Shaun White's perfect score in his third run of the SuperPipe during a gold-medal performance was nice, but Colten Moore really turned some heads when he (safely) flew off the handlebars of his snowmobile and flailed his way back down to Earth.

Jon Bois of SB Nation has sorted through the best sports moments from the month of January, and Moore's busted trick earned him a spot as the sixth-best animated GIF moment of the month.

Here's a look at the carnage:

6. Colten Moore falls off snowmobile (he was fine)


Bois adds in some great commentary too, playing off the theme of reliving the events through faux Wikipedia entries:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This Wikipedia page may require cleanup, as it appears to have been written while the author was flailing his limbs in futile terror while falling from the sky.

this[capitalization?] is gonna be great[citation needed]! I got m'snowmobile helmet[1] an' m'snowmobile outfit[2] an' m'snowmobile[3] an' everything[citation needed]! gonna ride m'snowmobile up this ol' hill an' really give these folks a show! all these folks 'cross th'country are gonna see m'neat snowmobile tricks too[4]! gee whiz[5]!

now i'm gonna do m'neat[citation needed] snowmobile trick! just gotta grab th'back o' thAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

If you would like to see more amazing sports moments like this, be sure to check out the full list of top animated GIFs here:

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For more all the biggest stories from the 2012 Winter X Games, be sure to visit the X Games storystream at SB Nation Denver.