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2012 Super Bowl TV Ratings: Madonna Halftime Show Outperforms Actual Game

The 2012 Super Bowl, the actual game, failed to beat the ratings for last year's game and for this year's halftime show. The game fell short by two-tenths of a point at beating last year's contest, 47.8 to 47.9. The Madonna halftime show drew a 48.3 rating -- and it wasn't even that good. In case you missed it:

It was kind of awkward to watch. There was an odd mixture of Greek and Egyptian themes to the gimmick at the start of the performance with "Vogue." Then the performance segued into a variety of songs, including Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'." It was OK. M.I.A did flip the bird, which NBC tried to blur out, but picked up on it far too late. Cee Lo Green actually did come out to perform with Madonna, taking part in "Like A Prayer," which ended the performance.

Hey, it was sort of a step up from 2011's Black Eyed Peas performance.

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