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VIDEO: Tom Brady Safety Is 1st Score Of Super Bowl 2012

The 2012 Super Bowl saw its first score of the game come on a safety of Tom Brady. As we see in the play below, Brady drops back and keeps looking for a receiver. However, he stays in the pocket and throws a deep bomb down the middle of the field to where no one is located. But he is under pressure when he makes the throw., keep that in mind.

That play is called a safety because he was under pressure n the pocket when he launched the ball down the field. Had he not been under pressure, Brady would not have been tagged with safety.

Does this play sound somewhat familiar to Broncos fans? The Broncos and the Vikings were involved in a similar play back in December. Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder threw the ball to the sideline while still in the pocket. It wasn't called intentional grounding because, as the referee explained, Ponder wasn't under pressure.

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