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2012 Super Bowl: NFL Experts Make Their Predictions

As Super Bowl XLVI nears kickoff, fans across the world are making their final predictions for the big game. However, most of the NFL's prominent writers have already announced who they think will be celebrating with the Lombardi trophy later tonight.

The writers over at seem to believe that the New York Giants will be celebrating in Indianapolis, as seven of the nine writers predict them to win. According to Pete Prisco, the Giants hold the advantage at two of the key spots on the field:

It's a tribute to Brady that the Patriots are here, but in watching him play the Giants in the past, he isn't the same Brady when he faces that the New York defense. Like I wrote this week, the Giants seem to be in his head. In the Giants' victory this season in Foxboro, Mass., Brady looked ordinary.

That's the big edge for the Giants. They have the pass rushers. They don't fear Brady. They rattle him. That's why the Giants will beat the Patriots again in a Super Bowl.

The NFL is all about quarterback and pass rushers -- and the Giants will show on Sunday.

Final score: Giants, 31-24

It should come as no surprise that the writers at Pats Pulpit and Big Blue View each expect their respective team to pick up the win tonight. However, the official SB Nation prediction believes that it will be the Patriots that earn the victory: Prediction: Like plenty of others, I think this is one of those games that comes down to whoever has the ball last. Neither side has a major, game-altering advantage either way. That said, the Patriots have won 10 in a row and I don't see the momentum being stopped right now. Patriots win, 30-27.

The writers at and CNNSI also have made their predictions, with there being a true split among the writers.

For more on the Patriots and their Super Bowl run, check out SB Nation's Patriots blog,Pats Pulpit as well as SB Nation Boston. For more on the Giants and their Super Bowl appearance, visit Giants blog Big Blue View and SB Nation New York. For all news and information regarding Super Bowl XLVI, please stay tuned to SB Nation's dedicated Super Bowl hub.