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Super Bowl 2012 Final Score: New York Giants Win 4th Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2012 has concluded and the New York Giants have won their fourth Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots, 21-17. Ahmad Bradshaw had the winning score on a six-yard run.

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Eli Manning led that scoring drive on nine plays for 88 yards, taking nearly three minutes off the clock. Mario Manningham caught a deep pass early in the drive by showing his adept ability to control his body on a catch at the sidelines. Eventually it made its way down to the six-yard line. Bradshaw attempted to stop before he went into the score to burn off time, but he was unable to stop his momentum from going in.

Tom Brady had 57 seconds to lead a comeback, but he got his team to the 49-yard line and no farther. He threw a Hail Mary into the end zone and saw it drop into the end zone.

Brady's interception at the start of the fourth quarter looked to establish the tone of the rest of the game, but the Giants were unable to make anything of the drive. Instead, we can see that interception as the embodiment of the false hope we saw in the quarter. Around the middle of the quarter, Brady looked like he was putting together a scoring drive, but he was unable to score on 3rd-and-11.

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