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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Acura, Jerry Seinfeld Don't Tell Us Much About New Car

I'm not entirely sure what's so new about the new Acura NSX, but Acura certainly wanted to promote it greatly during the Super Bowl. They got Jerry Seinfeld to do a nearly two-minute-long commercial in which he tries to bribe, cajole, surrender the first person to get the new NSX (Seinfeld wants to be the first, but he's No. 2).

OK, so Yev Kassem, the Soup Nazi, makes an appearance, but this time he does want to give soup. Alien autopsy, eh. Seinfeld wanting to provide dirty limericks? Well, we don't actually hear any, making that a waste of a joke.

And then the end comes. A zip line transportation in New York City for Seinfeld is about to be given to the guy who has the NSX. The key is about to be handed over to Seinfeld until Jay Leno, noted automobile collector, comes in wearing a flying squirrel jet pack. He gets the car keys

As Seinfeld and the extraterrestrial biological entity each say with contempt, "Leno." Guess I'll just hit the Internet to find out what's so new about this car.

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