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Broncos vs. Raiders, Week 14: Denver fans satisfied with the win

The Denver Broncos picked up a nice win on the road against the Oakland Raiders, and their fans are pleased.

Doug Pensinger

The Denver Broncos picked up a win on the road Thursday night, defeating the Oakland Raiders, 26-13. Although the team did not play a perfect game, Denver did enough to win the game and satisfy Broncos fans.

Bronco Mike from the Mile High Report did have some criticism for the team after the game, especially the offense. Mike called out Denver for struggling in the red zone, writing:

The offense was atrocious in the redzone with 2 TD's 4 FG's and 1 INT on 7 opportunities. It was enough today, but you have to score TD's not FG's when you get the opportunity.

The team's red zone offense, however, was one of the few faults in the game. Mike discussed oft-criticized Knowshon Moreno, making sure to compliment the running back for his strong performance:

Moreno also set a career high in carries with 32. I will gladly eat a huge helping of crow over Knowshon---he's running hard and taking care of the ball.

Denver fans are also looking ahead toward potential playoff positioning. The team has a chance to earn a first-round bye, but the Houston Texans, New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens are all gunning for a bye as well. Mike took a look at the bigger picture, stating:

What this win and the wins previous should tell you----this team does not fall into traps. After two victories in 5 days, the Broncos now have some time to heal up and prepare for Baltimore. This is the game of the year so far. Lose and we can kiss any thoughts of a 1st round bye good bye. Losing is not an option. We'll see how NE fares Monday night against the Texans

Overall, Denver fans are quite pleased about the team's success so far:

The only thing better than 8 in a row? 9 IN A ROW---GO BRONCOS!!!