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Colorado football coaching search: Chancellor releases statement

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The top administrator at the University of Colorado says they'll continue looking for a head coach.

Andy Lyons

The coaching carousel continues to turn across college football after the conclusion of the regular season and Colorado is still looking for their next head coach.

CU let head coach Jon Embree go after a 1-11 season and the Buffaloes have been hunting for the next man to lead a football program still looking for success in the Pac-12. It looked like they got their man in Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Butch Jones after he paid Boulder a visit on Monday.

But it seems Jones wasn't convinced enough. The Bearcats will retain their head coach as Jones turned down Colorado's reportedly lucrative offer. CU chancellor Phil DiStefano released a statement today saying the school is still committed to finding the right head coach.

"Amid the very competitive environment for college coaches right now, it is vital for CU to get the right fit: a coach who can take our program to new levels of success, who embodies and endorses our values, and who is committed to taking us to the highest levels of competition in the Pac-12 Conference," DiStefano said in a statement. "We are not deterred in our process of finding this special coach and our search continues."

The Colorado Buffaloes have won just four games in the last two seasons and were it not for a fourth quarterback comeback against the Washington St. Cougars, would have gone without a win this season.