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NBA power rankings 2012: Nuggets still near middle of the pack

The Nuggets ended a three-game losing streak with a win over Toronto at home before embarking on a five-game road trip.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Losses in three of their last four games have kept the Denver Nuggets in the middle of the pack of NBA power rankings from across the web. The Nuggets have been streaky so far this season, going on three separate three game losing streaks and two, four game winning streaks.

Seth Rosenthal at SB Nation dropped the Nuggets to 18th from 12th in his most recent power rankings. Rosenthal notes the Nuggets' streaky nature to start the season is mostly a problem with their schedule.

There's reason to believe the Nuggets will improve (a punishing schedule so far, for one). In the meantime, Denver's remarkable streakiness continues. There should be a three- or four-game win streak coming soon, I suppose.

Marc Stein at ESPN was a bit gentler on the Nuggets, dropping them from 11th to 14th in his rankings this week. Matt Moore at CBS Sports was the kindest to the Nuggets, moving them up from 14th to 13th.

The San Antonio Spurs topped the rankings at SB Nation and ESPN while the Miami Heat sit on top at CBS. The Nuggets will embark on a five game road trip, starting with the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday.