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Mile High Stadium to undergo $30 million in improvements

Denver might be angling for a Super Bowl by putting a big chunk of money into Mile High Stadium

Justin Edmonds

While Broncos fans may have visions of the 2013 Super Bowl dancing in their heads right now, the city of Denver is looking a little further down the road.

The Broncos and the Metropolitan Football Stadium District of Denver will spend $30 million dollars over the next year to spruce up Mile High Stadium, possibly to try and lure the NFL into considering the Rockies for a cold-weather Super Bowl down the road.

According to the Denver Post, all of these improvements will be in place before the 2013 season, and the city has applied for a chance to host the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Super Bowls.

A sizeable chunk of the money will be spent to improve the stadium's video boards - the largest video board behind the south stands will be three times larger and in full high definition, and the smaller video boards in the northwest and northeast corners of the stadium will be 43 percent bigger.

Other dollars will be spent on upgrading the concourse televisions, replacing the windows of suites and upgrading the stadium's audio system.