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Mike MacIntyre's Colorado football staff could be announced at end of 2012

Colorado University's new football coach, Mike MacIntyre already has plans on who he would like to hire for his staff. He hopes to announce his new coaching staff by the end of the month.


Mike MacIntyre, the new football coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, already has a plan on who he would like to hire to fill out his staff. However, he won't be announcing any new hires until all positions have been filled, which he hopes takes place by the end of December.

As former head coach of San Jose State, MacIntyre hopes to bring the majority of his former staff along with him to his new Pac-12 home. He stated, according to's Kyle Ringo, that he would like to hire offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren, defensive line coach Jim Jeffcoat and defensive coordinator Kent Baer to fill the same positions with him in Colorado.

However, San Jose State defensive coordinator Baer is serving the Spartans as the interim head coach for the Military Bowl against Bowling Green and is one of the candidates for the Spartans head coaching vacancy created by MacIntyre:

"There is a lot of moving parts, but it will be done before long for sure... I don't think anything is definitely etched in stone until they know who is going to be the head coach at San Jose State."

MacIntyre will attempt to turn around the Buffaloes who finished the regular season with a 1-11 record, defeating only the Washington State Cougars in September. They finished in last place in the PAC-12. As a new addition to the conference MacIntyre will attempt to recruit on par with schools like Oregon, Stanford, USC and UCLA to be more competitive in future seasons.