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Utah vs. Colorado: Ralphie Report lays out keys to the game

The Ralphie Report laid out four keys to the game for the Colorado Buffaloes heading into their match against Utah.


The Colorado Buffaloes will not be going to a bowl game this year, and the maximum number of wins they'll be able to acquire is two. To get that second win, they'll need to take down the Utah Utes, just as they did last season in order to keep them from having a chance to win the Pac-12 South.

SB Nation's Buffs blog The Ralphie Report has four big keys to the game that could help the Buffaloes finally hop over that second win hurdle that has kept them down all season long. Those keys? Create a little deja-vu from last season's game, stop John White IV and Reggie Dunn, build upon the 'Nick Hirschman to Donta Abron' success and make sure to take advantage of the home field advantage at Folsom Field, where they haven't gone winless in a season in a long time:

"The last time the Colorado Buffaloes ended a season winless at Folsom Field was the late 1800's... in a season where there were a total of two home games. Home field advantage, especially when you add in the altitude that Colorado enjoys, is supposed to be worth something. It's supposed to allow for a little something extra from the players and coaches, bred from familiarity and emotion. Going winless at home and starting a new "streak" would be a terrible pill for fans of this program to swallow, and these Buffs need to rise up and protect the castle".

Colorado's game against the Utes will be at Folsom Field at 1 p.m. MT.